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DOCS Education Helps Us Help Patients With Dental Anxiety

WE UNDERSTAND that all of our patients are different. So, to give each patient the best care, it’s essential that we address their specific needs. That’s one reason why we participated in the DOCS Education program. DOCS Education provides continuing education to dental professionals on oral and IV sedation as well as emergency preparedness training.

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way Of Good Oral Health

We know how important your oral health is to your overall health. If you suffer from dental fear, we want you to know that with us, you have options. You don’t have to let your phobia or other concerns keep you from receiving treatment that could bless you now and in the future.

We Have The Tools And Resources To Administer To Our Patients

Our training through DOCS has provided us the ability to treat our high anxiety patients with oral sedatives. After we finished our training we could not believe the response we had from our existing patients, many of whom we had no idea they suffered from high anxiety when having dental treatment in our own office. These patients were relieved to know that we could now offer them safe medication which will take their fears and anxiety away, leading to efficient, predictable appointments.

The DOCS sedation course gave us the tools and resources to predictably administer oral sedatives to our patients. We were also taught advanced airway management and how to handle medical emergencies during the Advanced Cardiac Life Support training portion of the DOCS course work.

We Continue Our Education To Better Serve You

Continued education is important to us because you’re important to us—we want to give you the best there is in dentistry. With the help of DOCS Education, we firmly believe that you can have a positive experience at the dentists. Sedation dentistry not only helps get rid of your anxiety during an appointment, it allows us to work quickly and efficiently—meaning we can get more done in less time.

Come To Us With Your Concerns And Questions

Whether young or old, the first and best thing you can do is voice your concern to us—whatever it is. Call us now!  We can discuss which forms of sedation we offer and which is best for you. Please contact us—we’re good at listening. We truly are anxious to help you get back (or stay) on the path to good oral health.

Thank you for letting us take part in your oral health journey.


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