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Don’t Forget The Floss

FLOSSING IS AN INTEGRAL PART of your oral health regimen; however, many people don’t spend enough time flossing or they don’t floss at all. By flossing just once a day, you can decrease your risk of gum disease and increase your chances of maintaining good oral health throughout your lifetime.

When And How Long Should You Floss?

You should floss your teeth for 2-3 minutes at least once a day. the best time to floss is right before bed, but you can incorporate it into any part of your daily routine that’s convenient.

What Kind Of Floss Should You Use?

Many people ask us, “What kind of floss should I be using?” We always say, “the kind that goes in between your teeth :)” But seriously, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are consistently doing a thorough job. The frequency and thoroughness is the most important part in maintaining the ideal oral health when it comes to flossing. Browse your local dental aisle at the supermarket and you’ll find various types. Give a few a try and we bet one will surely fit your needs.

“Floss The Ones You Want To Keep”

So remember the old adage, “floss the ones you want to keep” and you’ll be on the right track to having healthy teeth and great checkups at your dentist.

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Keep on smiling.


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