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Patient Profile: Mike Beaver, Rawhide & Bronze Artist

MIKE BEAVER IS A LOCAL ARTIST AND FRIEND. He is as steadfast and trustworthy as the durable rawhide he works with. Like the rawhide he has a multitude of talents, and like the bronze he has a rich depth to his character. When you visit our reception area, you will see one of Mike’s rawhide and bronze creations that we proudly display.

About The Art That Mike Creates

What started as a boyhood pastime has become his passion. In grade-school he used to sit and whittle away at bars of Ivory soap. He worked that soap day in and out until a horse head appeared. He has painstakingly worked with that figure in mind over the years—tweaking the eyes, massaging the profile until the figure had the likeness to the image in his mind. Now instead of Ivory soap, he takes bronze and rawhide and creates horse-head sculptures.

How Does He Create His Art?

He purchases cowhides from Tim’s Meats, cuts the rawhide into strings and braids the rawhide. He chose to compliment the rawhide with bronze. The bronze has a “rich depth” to it, and he likes the idea of mixing two ancient art-forms together for a modern finish. His work has been featured in the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association book, a distinguished book that showcases only the best workmanship.

A Little About Mike

Mike was born in Buffalo Center, Iowa, which is a small farming community. He has one brother and one half-sister. He stayed in Iowa until he was a senior in high-school. He was introduced to the life of a farmer early, and became accustomed working with the livestock, crops and machinery that go along with farming. The trueness and purity of working on a farm with animals sparked a passion that would catch glimpses of Mike’s attention, but for many years it would simmer and wait for its beautiful debut.

Mike and his wife Cindy were married some 20 years ago at their dear friend Dr. John Giesen’s ranch. It was a real western wedding featuring hay-bales for seating, a chuck wagon for dining, the bride and groom rode horses to the ceremony! Mike has one daughter- Shelly. Shelly is currently a surgical nurse in Scottsdale, Arizona. Most days you can find Mike working for the Hayden Lake Country Club. He has been there faithfully for the last twenty-one years. He is hopeful that his future will include some volunteering at an assisted living home or hospital.

Q & A

Favorite place to travel: “Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Cowboy Hall of Fame”
Favorite Meal & Dessert: “Steak Fillet, and Apple pie with ice cream”
Favorite Music: Variety! John Denver & Rascal Flatts
Pets: He used to have horses, and border collies; but currently has neither.
Favorite Quotes: “Do your best, let God do the rest.” “If you keep on doing what you’re doing then you’re going to keep on getting what you’re getting”
Hero: As a kid, Roy Rogers.

His art is displayed once a year at the “Cowboy Hall of Fame” or by contacting Mike at (208) 659-2003.


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